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Posted on: September 30, 2008 7:22 pm

Twins Playoff game

The Minnesota Twins play the Chicago White Sox in a one game playoff tonight. Blackburn going for the Twins and Danks going for the sox. Both those pitchers have kind of the same record and with the Twins bad away it will be a great matchup. I am a Twins fan but it doesn't matter who wins they will have to play the Rays in Tampa Bay and both teams aren't good on the road. Hopefully the Twins beat the sox  and somehow beat the rays and go on to be the third team in history to win the World Series from a one game plyoff. Hope and pray that the Twins win. GO TWINS!!!!!



Posted on: September 24, 2008 5:22 pm

Minnesota "Need to win" Twins

The Twins won last night against the White Sox and countinue their three game set with them tonight. We won in large part to Jason Kubel and Delmon Young. Carlos Gomez had a nice RBI single and Mourneau set the Twins doubles record with 47. All we have to do is sweep the the White Sox at home. We have been dominate at home but it is still a tough task to beat all those bats in that lineup. We will need  Blackburn to have a good game because we have Liriano tomorrow so if blackburn can pitch good then we will likely sweep the Sox. Even if the Twins (which hopefully they do) dont make the playoffs then we would have a good team going for next year with all the young guys like Span and Gomez who actually don't look like rookies now. Hopefully the twins starters throw good so the bullpen is rested for the playoffs.


Posted on: August 28, 2008 4:35 pm

Red Hot Indians

I am a Minnesota Twins fan. I really dislike the White Sox. This race for the division has been fun to watch but if the Twins and White Sox keep winning then losing. The Indians have won 10 in a row tied for the most this season. If they keep going on the streak there on by the last series they could be right in it.

I know it is really unlikely because they are 10.5 behind the White Sox. The Indians have been really shaky this year even though they were a preseason favorite over the Sox. The Indians start a series a three game series with the Mariners. Who have the worst record in baseball. They have gave the Twins trouble all year. The White Sox start a three game set with the Red Sox. The Indians could be 7 back with 6 games left between the White Sox and three between the Twins.

Hopefully the Twins can sweep the Athletics and have a two game lead going into important division games. The White Sox have to play the Angels starting on September 5th. Again i keep saying this but the Twins have a road schedule but it still looks better then the White Sox schedule. The Indians are probably just to far back at this point.


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