Posted on: August 28, 2008 12:42 am

Adam Everett Jersey

I heard about this a while ago but i just thought i would bring it up again. In a game against the Angels last series Everett's jersey had Minnestoa on it instead of course Minnesota. But before his at bat he ran down in the tunnel and got a new jersey after Former twin Denny Hocking noticed it on Everett when he was watching the game. Don't we got the bestest schools there is. I know that is was probably an error but how do you not spell M-I-N-N-E-S-T-O-A whoops I mean Minnesota. That's just showing what Everett's year has been like. He's hitting a solid .207 in 43 games. Hasn't Denard Span played 63 games in his first year and is hitting .309. I know Everett is having an off year after the two months he spent on the DL with a shoulder injury. Hopefully the Twins can still win the Division over the White Sox. Hope for the best because all we can do is watch.



Posted on: August 20, 2008 12:37 am


It's Amazing how the Twins can stay in contention with the so called big clubs. The Twins are succesful. They do it by having everyone on the team do something little and it all adds up to something bigger.

Guys like buscher and lamb and everett dont play as much as Mourneau or mauer but when they do they are pretty good. Span and Gomez are awfully good to coming from the minors. Good thing we found Span otherwise we would have been screwed in right field.

I know that everyone says the bullpen is bad. Which sometimes i agree like the ten runs the Mariners got against us. At home the bullpen has actually been pretty good and they are probably tired from the season but i think they will be fine. They will have to be good in the playoffs. How about those young starters . Everyone except Liriano we'll probaly get 10 wins.

I think the Twins will end up winning the division!!


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